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Sitecore Symposium 2018

This year’s Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, Florida will bring together the Sitecore community - developers, marketers, clients - to celebrate and share all things Sitecore.

“At Sitecore Symposium, you’ll have a chance to meet with and learn from the best and the brightest in the digital marketing space.”

I am honored to be selected as a speaker in the Development and IT track.
Join me on Day 2 (Tuesday, Oct. 9) at 4:15 pm in room Swan 3-4.

My Session - Take your Sitecore project to the next level with Node.js

Many Sitecore developers still see JavaScript as just a client-side language that’s used to enhance the UI. This session will prove that JS belongs server-side as well, showing how to use Node.js to automate server-side processes. We will cover how to break up client-side JavaScript into component-level Helix-friendly modules that are testable and reusable, and then use gulp to compile them into a single CDN-ready aggregate file. This approach makes code easier to maintain, makes environments more stable, and reinforces Helix principles of simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility.

Session takeaways

  • How can I use gulp to automate Sitecore development tasks
  • How can I use yeoman to automate the scaffolding of new Helix solutions
  • How can I work on a TypeScript library for my components without running Sitecore (Yes, headless CMS development is possible right now, you don’t need to wait for JSS!)

Full Agenda

Hope to see you there!